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ARIN Network Requirements

While ARIN supplies its own wireless infrastructure for our meetings, we will need assistance from the sponsor in connecting that with the sponsor-provided connectivity, and will need to interface with the hotel staff to implement this. Below is an outline of what the requirements are for out meetings.

  1. ARIN requires its own wireless network in the hotel.
    • Full (24-hour, immediate) access to the hotel wiring closets and building demarc
    • Coverage area includes:
      • All conference space and adjacent hallways
      • Hotel lobby and bar
    • ARIN and/or sponsor will set up wireless access points and run cable across the floors where necessary
    • ARIN or sponsor will provide bandwidth from a local provider to be delivered to the hotel prior to the meeting. [Staff will arrive 1-2 days prior to the meeting to begin setup.]
  2. Service or equipment needed from hotel:
    • Access to and use of main hotel data switch
  3. Needed from ARIN or sponsor (ARIN can supply most of this if necessary):
    • One router
    • 10 waps
    • 10 POEs
    • 1 Spool of cat5e cable
    • 6 10/100 switches
    • Monitoring/security device
    • DNS and DHCP server
  4. Needed from 3rd party or sponsor:
    • Minimum of 10Mb bandwidth
    • 2 computers (laptops or desktops) for Cyber Café
    • 1 networkable printer
    • /24 addresses