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ARIN Fellowship Terms and Conditions

ARIN Meeting Fellowship Terms and Conditions

  1. Transportation and Lodging
    1. Air travel will be booked by ARIN through its travel service provider. Fellows must adhere to ARIN's deadline for schedule confirmation to take advantage of reduced rate advance booking. All travel will be economy class. Acquisition of travel insurance is optional, and insurance fees are the sole responsibility of the Fellow.
    2. ARIN will not purchase any travel tickets for a Fellow until any necessary travel documents, including passport or visas, are in the Fellow's possession and ARIN has received PDF copies of these documents.
    3. Hotel accommodations will be made by ARIN in the meeting venue hotel. The cost of a standard room and applicable taxes will be billed to the ARIN Master Account. Fellows are responsible for any incidental room charges (including telephone calls, room service, Internet connectivity, etc) and will likely be required to provide a credit card upon check in.
  2. Allowances
    A stipend not to exceed US $250.00 will be provided to offset reasonable individual expenses (such as meals not covered by ARIN, ground transport, related expenses, etc.). Stipends will be wired in US dollars in advance to each Fellow. The amount may vary based on meeting location.
  3. Required Travel Documents and Health Regulations
    ARIN is not responsible for obtaining passports or visas for Fellows and is not responsible for any costs incurred by Fellows by applying for and obtaining a passport or visas. Upon request, ARIN will provide a form invitation letter in order to fulfill Visa requirements.
  4. Personal Safety and Health
    ARIN is not responsible for the personal health, safety or belongings of the Fellow.
  5. Deferment
    In the event a selected Fellow cannot attend the ARIN meeting due to unforeseen, emergency circumstances, they may submit a written deferment request. ARIN will evaluate the request and may elect to resubmit the Fellowship application for consideration by the Fellowship Selection Committee for the next ARIN meeting.
  6. Program Evaluation
    Fellows are required to complete a post-meeting program evaluation. A link to the survey will be provided and Fellows agree to respond within the stated deadline of ten business days.
  7. Attendance
    Fellows are expected to attend all public functions during the ARIN meeting. This includes but is not limited to, the First Timers Lunch, Open Policy Hour, ARIN Social, Public Policy Meetings, and Members Meeting.
    Should a fellow fail to show up at the meeting venue and fail to notify ARIN in advance, that individual may be asked to reimburse ARIN for the cost of their reserved airfare.
  8. Mentor Program
    Fellows agree to participate in the Mentor Program. Each fellow will be assigned a Mentor from the ARIN Advisory Council. The Advisory Council member will initiate contact prior to the meeting and provide contact and assistance to the Fellow onsite throughout the meeting.
  9. Publicity
    Fellows agree to have their name, affiliation, and place of origin announced on the ARIN website and email list announcements. ARIN would appreciate a recent photo sent via email for use in meeting introductory slides, however this is optional.
  10. Failure to Comply with Terms and Conditions
    Please note that if a Fellow fails to comply with any one of the above mentioned terms and conditions of the ARIN Fellowship program, ARIN reserves the right to determine the appropriate course of action.

*Winning Fellows will be asked to sign these Terms and Conditions


Through the link provided on the Fellowship page, Fellowship Applicants are asked to provide the following information:

  1. Full Name:
  2. Organization (Include Org ID if ARIN Member):
  3. Position:
  4. Email:
  5. Postal Address:
  6. Country of Residence:
  7. Telephone Number:
  8. Please provide a summary of your professional experience.
  9. What interests you about ARIN?
  10. What do you intend to accomplish by attending an ARIN Meeting?
  11. How do you think your ARIN Meeting experience will benefit you or your organization when you return home?
  12. Under what address are you subscribed to the ARIN Announce and Public Policy Mailing Lists?
  13. Have you previously attended an ARIN Meeting?
  14. Describe your need for assistance to attend an ARIN meeting.
  15. Do you agree to all of the Terms and Conditions of the ARIN Fellowship Program?
  16. Please provide the name and contact information of two references who can support your application.
  17. Are there any additional comments that you have?

Feel free to contact if you have any questions.

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