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ARIN Fellowship Program

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What is the ARIN Fellowship Program?

Each Public Policy and Members Meeting, ARIN gives up to five individuals from each sector of the ARIN Region an opportunity to attend an ARIN Public Policy and Members Meeting with the following benefits:

  • Hotel accommodations at the meeting hotel
  • Round-trip economy class airfare to the meeting
  • A small stipend
  • An ARIN Advisory Council or seasoned community member mentor

ARIN Meeting Fellowships now optionally include registration and hotel accommodations for the North American Network Operators Group (NANOG) or the Caribbean Network Operators Group (CaribNOG) meeting when held back to back to ARIN's Public Policy and Members Meeting. NANOG is the professional association for Internet engineering and architecture that focuses on the technologies and systems that make the Internet function. CaribNOG is a community of network operators dedicated to exchanging technical information and experiences related to the management of IP networks in the Caribbean region.

My experience absolutely exceeded my expectations. From the planning before the conference, the recommendation to join the PPML mail list, participating in NANOG and ARIN, the view to community involvement, encouraged interaction with all ARIN Team and members, the socials and overall transparency was amazing and appreciated.

ARIN 36 Fellow

Loved the meeting/seminar - very educational and intensive. The level of interaction, diplomacy, and democracy is very impressive.

ARIN 36 Fellow

It was great to be part of the key decision-making and at the forefront of the policies and processes that impact our Internet infrastructure.

ARIN 36 Fellow

My ARIN Montreal experience surpassed, by far, any expectations I had. The draft discussion sessions provided excellent examples of how the community can determine the policies under which ARIN is guided.

ARIN 36 Fellow

The general policy discussions were more engaging than I'd expected and the transparency of the policy development process is very impressive.

ARIN 35 Fellow

The most obvious strength of the program to me was that it gives people the chance to be exposed to and participate in a meeting that impacts the operation of the Internet at such a high level.

ARIN 36 Fellow

How do I apply?

The application deadline for ARIN's Fellowship Program for ARIN 39 has passed. The application process for ARIN 40, in San Jose, CA, from 5 - 6 October, will open soon.

Questions? Please email

A preview of the Fellowship application questions is available below.

Am I eligible to apply?

Applicants are eligible if they meet all of these conditions:

Know someone that would be interested?

Help spread the word by directing them to this page or sending a link to our Fellowship Flyer.

How are Fellows chosen?

The Fellowship Selection Committee includes representatives from the ARIN Board of Trustees and Advisory Council, and two General Members in Good Standing who evaluate applications and select fellows in February for the spring meeting and early September for the fall. Note that preference will be given to those who have not previously attended an ARIN Public Policy and Members Meeting in the last five years, but the committee will also consider applicants who have attended past meetings and demonstrated strong participation and/or engagement with their local community (including past ARIN Fellowship recipients). You can read more about the committee’s selection criteria in the Charter for the Fellowship Selection Committee.

How are the winners announced?

Winning Fellows are notified by ARIN’s Communication and Member Services Department. After their acceptance is confirmed, the winners are announced on this page and to the arin-announce mailing list. Applicants not selected to receive the Fellowship in the current round are eligible and encouraged to apply in subsequent rounds.

How does mentorship work?

Members of the ARIN Advisory Council and seasoned community members serve as mentors, providing advice and sharing experience that will provide a smooth transition into the ARIN community. Mentors are assigned prior to the meeting so that Fellows can benefit from their knowledge before they even set foot on the plane, alleviating some of the uncertainty inherent in the first time experience at a new meeting. The mentor will be available throughout the meeting to introduce, explain, and impart knowledge of ARIN's processes and operations.

Who are the Current and Past Fellows?

Congratulations to Our Most Recent Fellows!

ARIN 38 - Dallas, Texas


  • Josh Crawford, Rigstar Communications Inc.
  • Kathleen Monk, Kathleen Monk Consulting Inc.
  • Orin Roberts, Bell Canada
  • Shaun Rossi, Fidalia Networks Inc.


  • Jason Bothe, Rice University
  • Bradley Fidler, UCLA Computer Science Department
  • Julie Percival, University of Texas at Dallas
  • Dustin Phillips, ICANNWiki
  • Alfredo Calderon-Serrano, Internet Society – Puerto Rico Chapter


  • Gary S. Campbell, Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology
  • Ashell Forde, Barbados Telecommunications Unit

See all ARIN Fellowship Recipients

ARIN Fellowship Application Questions

Below is a preview of the questions asked on the ARIN meeting fellowship questionnaire.

  1. Provide your contact information below:
    • Name:
    • Organization (Include ORG ID if ARIN Member): 
    • Position:        
    • Address:        
    • City/Town:    
    • State/Province:        
    • ZIP/Postal Code:      
    • Email Address:
    • Phone Number:
  2. What interests you about ARIN?
  3. What do you intend to accomplish by attending an ARIN Meeting?
  4. How do you think your ARIN Meeting experience will benefit you or your organization when you return home?
  5. To apply you must be subscribed to the ARIN Announce and Public Policy Mailing Lists. Under what email address are you subscribed with?
  6. Describe your need for assistance to attend an ARIN meeting.
  7. Please provide the name and contact information of two references who can support your application.
  8. Provide a summary of your professional experience.
  9. Are there any additional comments that you have?
  10. If you are not selected as a Fellow for this meeting would you like ARIN to automatically resubmit this application for the next ARIN Meeting?

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