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ARIN Fellowship Program

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I expected to be overwhelmed by the nuances of policy discussions about Internet numbers and that was not the case. The Newcomers Orientation and Policy Tutorial were very helpful in providing a good contact for precessing discussions to come.

ARIN 42 Fellow

It was a great experience. It was orderly, persons showed respect [to] others and respected the opinion of others. Observing the policy development process in action I left knowing that I could participate in the public policy discussions

ARIN 42 Fellow

I am now and will forever be extremely grateful for the opportunity to be an ARIN fellow, interact with my peers, and participate in shaping Internet policy and governance.

ARIN 42 Fellow

The Fellowship Program is amazing since it provides a first-class experience to start understanding how the PDP works and how to get involved.

ARIN 42 Fellow

What is the ARIN Fellowship Program?

In 2009, ARIN introduced a Fellowship Program in an effort to broaden educational outreach within the ARIN region and to bring new voices and ideas into public policy discussions. At its inception, three individuals were selected from a pool of eligible applicants; one from each sector within the ARIN region: Canada, the Caribbean and North Atlantic Islands, and the United States and outlying areas. Today, the program welcomes up to 15 fellows, three to five from each sector of the ARIN region: Canada, the Caribbean and North Atlantic Islands, and the United States and Outlying Areas with consideration given to applicants outside of the ARIN region for any remaining fellowships.

Selected fellows receive the following benefits:

ARIN fellows get the chance to network with the ARIN Board of Trustees, Advisory Council, and ARIN staff members, plus community members from throughout the region. Additionally, they learn more about ARIN services and programs, including ARIN's Policy Development Process (PDP), while participating in current policy discussions. The opportunities to network, learn, and participate are numerous. Full participation during the meeting is encouraged!

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about ARIN and becoming a part of an active, involved, and committed community, then ARIN looks forward to receiving your fellowship application! To be considered, you must meet the criteria described below and submit an online application by the deadline noted below. Past fellows are encouraged to reapply.  

The social aspect of [the meeting] exceeded my expectations by far. I didn't realize we would be taking almost all meals with other ARIN members, allowing to get to know everyone.

ARIN 39 Fellow

I expected the meeting to be far more technical and I thought that I might have a difficult time following. That was not true at all. I appreciated that so many people were happy to answer any questions that I asked, from the President to members of the AC and the Board of Trustees, other fellows, and other participants. I did not expect such inclusivity. But it was truly a welcoming meeting and group of attendees.

ARIN 39 Fellow

I remain extremely grateful and honored I was chosen as a fellow and got to experience first-hand how the caretakers of the North American portion of the Internet safeguard the infrastructure now, in the past, and the passion with which they do so. In a world filled with people who seem to just be 'winging it,' it was awesome to see people really, really 'care' and do it so incredibly right.

ARIN 39 Fellow

My experience in ARIN 39 exceeded my expectations. I was able to accomplish my objectives and learn a lot in the process.

ARIN 39 Fellow

Am I eligible to apply?

The ARIN Fellowship Program is now open to all individuals (including past ARIN Fellows) interested in Internet number resource policy in the ARIN region. You do not have to be domiciled in the ARIN service region, however, the Charter for the Fellowship Selection Committee states emphasis is first placed on providing support for three to five fellows from each sector of the ARIN region: Canada, the Caribbean and North Atlantic Islands, and the United States and Outlying Areas. Qualified applicants from outside the ARIN region may be considered for any remaining fellowships.

Applicants are expected to meet the following criteria in order to be considered for the fellowship award:

  • Require financial assistance in order to attend an ARIN Meeting
  • Have an understanding of the importance of ARIN's mission and some familiarity with ARIN Services through their professional experience
  • Already be subscribed or subscribe and remain subscribed to the ARIN Announce and ARIN Public Policy mailing lists
  • Present a compelling case for attending an ARIN meeting, including:
    • what they intend to accomplish or get out of attending an ARIN Meeting,
    • how attending an ARIN Meeting would help them in their work or study, and
    • how they intend to apply/share their ARIN experience when they return home
  • Attend and participate in all of the meeting public functions, including a Newcomer Orientation, tutorials and/or evening sessions, and the ARIN Social
  • Submit a professional headshot.
  • Sign and return the ARIN Fellowship Terms and Conditions, and complete and return the ARIN Fellowship Travel Form and Fellowship Stipend forms within three business days of accepting a fellowship
  • Complete a Fellowship Program evaluation after the conclusion of the meeting (Fellows who do not complete the program evaluation will be ineligible to reapply for a future fellowship)
  • Review the Policy Development Process (PDP), draft policies, and the ARIN Number Resource Policy Manual (NRPM) prior to attending the meeting
  • Have the support and approval from current employer, if needed, prior to applying for and/or accepting an ARIN Fellowship.  
  • In cases of international travel, have in possession all necessary travel documents, passports and/or visas, at the time of accepting an ARIN Fellowship.

All applicants must complete a Fellowship Program application in full and return it according to published deadlines in order to be eligible. Past fellows and applicants are eligible to reapply and are strongly encouraged to do so. To be considered, a new application is required. A preview of the Fellowship application questions is available below. Please note that ARIN staff may not be used as references

How do I apply?

Apply Now!

Applications are now being accepted for ARIN's Fellowship Program for ARIN 43. Apply now through 5:00 PM EST Wednesday, 16 January 2019 for a chance to attend ARIN 43 in Bridgetown, Barbados, from 7 – 10 April 2019 at no cost. To apply, please follow this link. Questions? Please email

Request a Personalized Letter for Your Employer

To request a personalized letter to send to your employer highlighting the benefits of applying to ARIN's Fellowship Program and attending an ARIN Public Policy and Members Meeting, please email

How are Fellows chosen?

The Fellowship Selection Committee includes representatives from the ARIN Board of Trustees and Advisory Council, and two General Members in Good Standing who evaluate applications and select fellows in February for the spring meeting and early September for the fall. You can read more about the committee’s selection criteria in the Charter for the Fellowship Selection Committee.

How are the winners announced?

Those selected as fellows are notified by ARIN’s Communications and Member Services Department. After their acceptance is confirmed, the winners are announced on this page and to the ARIN Announce mailing list. Applicants not selected to receive the Fellowship in the current round are eligible and encouraged to apply in subsequent rounds.

How does mentorship work?

Members of the ARIN Advisory Council and seasoned community members serve as mentors, providing advice and sharing experience that will provide a smooth transition into the ARIN community. Mentors are assigned prior to the meeting so that fellows can benefit from their knowledge before they even set foot on the plane, alleviating some of the uncertainty inherent in the first-time experience at a new meeting. The mentor will be available throughout the meeting to introduce, explain, and impart knowledge of ARIN's processes and operations.

Know someone that would be interested?

Help spread the word by directing them to this page or sending a link to our Fellowship Flyer.

Who are the Current and Past Fellows?

Congratulations to Our Most Recent Fellows for ARIN 42 in Vancouver!


  • Blaise Arbouet, Haiti Cyber Con
  • Andrew Martey Asare, National Capital Freenet Inc.
  • Adrian Schmidt, Burman University


  • Patrick Anglin, The University of the West Indies
  • Suzette Burley, Digicel Jamaica
  • Gary S. Campbell, Ministry of Science, Energy, and Technology
  • Roosevelt Lewars, University of the Commonwealth Caribbean


  • Austin Murkland, Qscend Technologies, Inc.
  • Alan Shackelford, The Johns Hopkins University
  • Soren Sorensen, Sundog Network
  • Ovidiu Viorica

Outlying Area

  • Cesar Oscar Cordero Casilla, Procuraduria Especializada Contra Los Crimenes y Delitos de Alta Tecnologia

Note: See all ARIN Current and Past Fellowship Recipients

ARIN Fellowship Application Questions

Below is a preview of some of the questions asked on the ARIN Meeting fellowship questionnaire.

  1. Provide your contact information below:
    • Name:
    • Organization (Include ORG ID if ARIN Member): 
    • Position:        
    • Address:        
    • City/Town:    
    • State/Province:        
    • ZIP/Postal Code:     
    • Country: 
    • Email Address:
    • Phone Number:
  2. What interests you about ARIN?
  3. What do you intend to accomplish by attending an ARIN Meeting?
  4. How do you think your ARIN Meeting experience will benefit you or your organization when you return home?
  5. If selected how do you intend to share or apply what you learned at your organization and/or within your community?
  6. If you reside outside of ARIN's region, please provide a brief explanation of the relevancy of your participation at an ARIN Public Policy and Members Meeting.
  7. To apply you must be subscribed to the ARIN Announce and Public Policy Mailing Lists. Under what email address are you subscribed with?
  8. Please provide the name and contact information of two references who can support your application. Please note that ARIN staff may not be used as references.
  9. Provide a summary of your professional experience. Please limit your response to 500 words or less and do not include your resume.
  10. Are there any additional comments that you have?

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