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World Telecommunication Policy Forum (WTPF)

WTPF is an international regulatory forum held by the ITU to exchange views on the key policy issues. The WTPF does not make any decisions or treaty agreements. However, it does exchange regulatory views on today's fast-changing Information and Communications Technology (ICT) environment. The last WTPF was held in 2009, and the next meeting will be held in May 2013.

The ITU Secretary General is currently drafting an initial report based on contributions and input from ITU members, from which a Committee of Experts will develop the report that will be discussed at WTPF 2013. The Regional Internet Registries will be well represented in Committee of Experts for the WTPF 2013. Cathy Handley, ARIN's Executive Director Director of Public Policy and Government Affairs and Paul Wilson, APNIC's Director General were selected to serve on the Committee of Experts.

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