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Ways to Participate

As part of the Internet technical community, ARIN is actively involved in Internet Governance discussions. We invite you to learn how and where ARIN is engaged, and then decide how best to add your voice.  Your participation in this process helps demonstrate the effectiveness of the bottom-up multi-stakeholder Internet management model. Diverse voices and viewpoints are key to ensuring that the Internet continues to grow and adapt to meet the needs of all users and organizations who depend on it.

How can you get involved?

The first step is to become familiar with some of the major organizations and venues where debates and action occur. This will help you determine where you wish to focus your energy and attention.  Once you understand the organization or venue's mission and structure you can develop your participation strategy.

The table below provides a brief summary about the organizations and venues ARIN currently participates in. As some organizations are quite complex, we suggest you click on the organization name for details about how ARIN interacts with each body, and how you may participate or join.

Organizations and Forums Involved In Internet Governance
Organizations and Forums ARIN's Status Who Can Join? Who Can Participate?
Caribbean Association of National Telecommunication Organizations  (CANTO) Affiliate Member Full membership is available to telecommunications operating companies. Affiliate membership is available to any entity wishing to show support. CANTO sponsors many education and training workshops, discussion forums and an annual Conference & Trade Exhibition that are open to the public. Other work that involves governments and ministries may be closed to members.
Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) Private Sector, Civil Society Member Membership is available to States (both CARICOM and non-Caricom member states) and to private sector companies and civil society organizations involved in the telecommunications sector. Many of the CTU's educational offerings and discussion forums are open to the public. Other work draws on their multi-stakeholder membership base to facilitate regional cooperation toward advancing information and telecommunication services for all people in the Caribbean.
Inter-American Telecommunication Commission (CITEL) Associate Member Most meetings are restricted to Member States and Associated Members. Private sector participation is encouraged through associate membership. Final reports of the working committees are generally available to the public on the CITEL website.
International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Sector Membership in ITU-T, ITU-D

To locate appropriate government contacts to discuss ITU issues, go to the ITU Global Directory and enter the Member State you wish to contact.

Membership is required to participate in the various Study Groups, Working Groups and to attend sector meetings as well as ITU World Conferences and Treaty Conferences. Some general information is available on the ITU website, but most documentation is restricted to members while under discussion and revision. Final treaty information is available to the public.
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Participant as an RIR, as part of the NRO and staff participates in various working groups ICANN is not a membership organization. It has Supporting Organizations with elected and appointed representatives , a Government Advisory Committee and a Board of Directors elected in part by the community and supporting organizations. ICANN holds three meetings per year open, all are open to the public. There is no registration fee, just the travel costs associated with attendance. Remote participation is available.
Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Participant as an RIR and through the Number Resource Organization (NRO) The IGF is an open forum for dialogue and has no membership component. Governments, civil society, organizations and individuals may all participate in workshops and general plenary session discussions. There is no barrier to entry other than the travel costs associated with attending the annual forum. Remote participation is available.
Internet Society (ISOC) Platinum Member Membership is available to individuals and organizations who wish to show support for ISOC's mission. There are also many ISOC chapters throughout the world with unique membership structures. ISOC provides information and education materials openly through its website, and partners with organizations around the globe to provide technical training. There is no membership requirement to benefit from the majority of ISOC's resources.
Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
Internet Technical Advisory Committee (ITAC)
ITAC Member ITAC membership is open to Internet technical or research organizations who agree to the principles set forth in the ITAC charter. ITAC members meet to discuss issues and collectively provide a technical perspective during consultations, calls and meetings of various internal OECD study groups.

Help Spread the Word

ARIN encourages you to keep abreast of current discussions that may change the current Internet infrastructure, and spread the word to others.  A thriving Internet depends on a governance structure that is open, transparent, and representative of all stakeholders.  Each one of us must do our part to ensure a healthy and robust Internet.  To help you get the word out, we've developed some materials you can use to address this important topic.

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