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Caribbean Association of National Telecommunication Organizations (CANTO)


The Caribbean Association of National Telecommunication Organizations (CANTO) serves the Caribbean telecommunications and Internet community by influencing policy, providing information in all aspects of the industry as it evolves, and facilitating a meaningful collaborative process. 

How Does ARIN Participate?

Affiliate Member.

Who Can Join And How?

There are two membership categories:

  • Full membership is restricted to telecommunications operating companies.
  • Associate membership is open to any corporate entity.

The membership application and a list of members can be found on the CANTO website.

Access to Materials

The CANTO website contains publicly available meeting reports, weekly news highlights, presentations from major events, case studies, and technical reports on subjects such as VoIP.
In addition, there is a portal for members to access additional information.

ARIN's Role at CANTO

ARIN participates in CANTO's Annual Conference and Trade Exhibition, both as an exhibitor and at times presenting on the agenda. ARIN's participation in the activities of CANTO is important because ARIN and CANTO share a common interest in promoting the growth and stability of the Internet in the Caribbean. ARIN depends on the active involvement of members and stakeholders from all parts of the community to accomplish its mission. While ARIN has conducted outreach for many years and on many fronts throughout the Caribbean, as a member of CANTO, ARIN will reach new audiences that need to be aware of critical Internet number resource issues like IPv6 deployment. Greater collaboration will foster increased Caribbean participation in ARIN activities, helping to ensure needs of the region are being met.

CANTO Background

CANTO was formed in 1984 to shape the future of the information and telecommunications sector as well as to facilitate the development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) solutions for the benefit of its members, policy makers, and the Caribbean region. CANTO holds many events & conferences throughout the year; details and scheduling can be found on the CANTO website


67 Picton Street
Newtown, Port of Spain,
Trinidad and Tobago


CANTO's vision is "to become the leading authority in shaping information and communication in the Caribbean".  Its mission is to facilitate the development of ICT solutions for the benefit of members and other stakeholders in the Caribbean region. 


CANTO has over 100 members from 35 different countries, and a strong strategic partnership with regional and international organizations that include CITEL, the CTU, the ITU, and ICANN.

Structure and Organization

CANTO consists of a general assembly, a board of directors, and a Secretariat headed by a Secretary General. The policy strategy of the association is directed by the membership-appointed Board of Directors and is executed by the staff of the permanent Secretariat.

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