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Voting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do I do if I forget my username or password?

ARIN's election system has been integrated with ARIN Online. Please see the Login Assistance page to recover your web account username and password. Designated Member Representatives (DMRs) without ARIN Online accounts as of 11 August 2014 will receive an email containing instructions for voting in the 2014 elections.

Who is eligible to vote in ARIN elections?

For Board of Trustees and Advisory Council elections, each ARIN Member organization may have one DMR vote in Board and AC elections on their behalf.

How do I check my DMR status?

To check your organization's current DMR status, send an email containing your organization name to Administrative Points of Contact (POCs) may update DMR information by linking a DMR POC to their ARIN Online account. For information on how to update your DMR, see the DMR page. DMR information is used exclusively by ARIN's Communications and Member Services Department, and is not shared or displayed publicly.

When do I need to establish my voter eligibility?

Voter eligibility must be established no later than 60 days before the Fall ARIN Public Policy and Members Meeting. 11 August is the deadline to establish eligibility in order to vote in the 2014 elections.