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NRO Number Council (NRO NC) Election/Appointment Procedures

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The NRO NC advises the NRO Executive Council on global Internet number resource policy proposals. Under the terms of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and the NRO in October 2003, the NRO Number Council also performs the role of the ICANN Address Supporting Organization Address Council (ASO AC).

Each Regional Internet Registry (RIR) elects or appoints three representatives to the NRO NC. In the ARIN region, one seat opens each year. For two years, ARIN Members, NANOG meeting attendees, and ARIN Public Policy Meeting attendees elect representatives, and every third year, the ARIN Board of Trustees appoints a representative. Representatives serve staggered three-year terms, beginning on 1 January following the ARIN election period and ending 31 December.

The NRO NC Nomination and Election requirements may be found in the MoU.

Nominee Eligibility Requirements & Responsibilities Upon Election

All NRO NC nominees are subject to the Conflicts of Interest policy, and should have a track record of involvement with issues related to Internet number resources. Nominees should also be available to travel to NRO NC and ARIN meetings, participate in conference calls, and attend to NRO NC matters. Nominees need not be ARIN members, but must reside within the ARIN region.

Candidate Campaign Guidelines

Candidates may seek candidacy support via ARIN-sponsored fora. ARIN provides community Statements of Support for each candidate on its website. Candidates may also provide one link from their biography page to a social media page of their choice. Candidates may use personal social media to engage in dialogue with community members. Candidates are also provided an opportunity to speak at the Fall ARIN Public Policy Meeting, held at the opening of the voting period. In order to prevent list abuse and subscriber spam, candidates may not use ARIN mailing or member lists for campaign purposes. A list of ARIN member organizations eligible to vote is provided for candidate use.

Nomination Process

Nominator Eligibility

Any individual, regardless of ARIN membership status, may self-nominate or nominate one or more candidates for any open NRO NC position.

Call for Nominations

An open call for nominations is posted to the arin-announce mailing list and the ARIN website approximately 80 calendar days prior to the Fall ARIN Public Policy and Members Meeting. Any individual may make a nomination by filling out the online nomination form.

Nominee Questionnaire for NRO Number Council Nominees

Each nominee must submit the online nominee questionnaire in order to run for an NRO NC position. Sections in italics may be published on the ARIN website as a candidate's biography, and may be displayed and/or distributed at the Fall ARIN Public Policy and Members Meeting.

2015 Candidate Questions

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Optionally one URL to any one blog, social media, or external website of your choice
  • Phone number
  • Postal address including country of residence
  • Bearing in mind that you run and serve as an individual, rather than representing an organization, is there an organizational affiliation you'd like to state?
  • Are you available to serve the entirety of a three-year term?
  • Describe any limitations on your ability to travel to attend ARIN and ICANN meetings in person.
  • Why do you want to serve on the NRO NC, and what goals do you want to accomplish?
  • What, if any, conflicts of interest might arise for you as an NRO NC member? Specifically, do you serve in what could be perceived as any Internet governance roles, provide any services directly or indirectly to ARIN, or represent any significant interest from the community?
  • What is your record of serving the Internet community in the ARIN region?
  • What differentiates you as a candidate, or makes you uniquely suited to serve on the NRO NC?
  • Provide a brief biography of recent experience, associations, and affiliations relevant to serving on the NRO NC, including names of organizations, positions held, specific duties, and dates of service.
  • In light of the ongoing transition from IPv4 to IPv6, do you have experience do you wish to share with the community that is noteworthy in terms of IPv6 adoption?
  • What is your view of the existing bottom-up, self-governance model and structure of the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) system? Do you believe there are other models or structures that would work better?

Questionnaires are due from all nominees within three business days of the close of the nomination period, or they will be dropped from consideration (ARIN staff makes multiple attempts to contact nominees before they are dropped).

Nomination Closing

Nominations close approximately 50 days prior to the Fall ARIN Public Policy and Members Meeting.

Nomination Verification

ARIN's Communications and Member Services Department will verify that all nominated individuals are willing and able to fulfill a three-year term.

Member Notification of Candidates

ARIN will post the final slate of candidates to arin-announce and all Voting Contacts no later than ten calendar days prior to the Fall ARIN Public Policy and Members Meeting. The candidate list and biographies are also posted on the ARIN website. Any individual may submit a statement of support for a candidate through a link on the Election Headquarters page.

NRO NC candidates are given the opportunity to present their credentials in a speech not to exceed five minutes during the first day of the Fall ARIN Public Policy and Members Meeting.

Withdrawn Candidates

ARIN will post any known withdrawn candidates to arin-announce and all Voting Contacts. If a withdrawal results in fewer qualified candidates than are required, ARIN's Board of Trustees may appoint candidates at its discretion to reach the required number.

Voting - Election Years

Fall NANOG/ARIN meeting attendees and Voting Contacts for General Members in good standing are eligible to vote in NRO NC elections (with the exception of RIR staff). Voting Contact voter eligibility must be established no later than 45 days before the Board and Advisory Council (AC) elections. Voting Contacts must have an email address including the person's name or initials on record with ARIN's Communications and Member Services Department.

Voting will open three days before the start of the ARIN Meeting for non-Voting Contact Fall NANOG/ARIN meeting attendees who completed meeting registration seven or more days prior to the start of the ARIN meeting.

Voting will open on the first day of the Fall ARIN meeting for all ARIN Member Voting Contacts, and will close seven calendar days after the meeting.

Regardless of your status as a ARIN Member Voting Contact and a NANOG/ARIN Meeting attendee, you may only vote once in the NRO NC election.

The Election System Instructions page explains the online voting process.

Voting - Appointment Years

Every third year, the Board of Trustees appoints a representative to the NRO NC from the ARIN region. After the nomination period closes, the ARIN Board votes via secret ballot.

Upcoming Election/Appointment Years

  • 2015: Election
  • 2016: Election
  • 2017: Appointment

Vote Counting and Announcement of Election Results

The President and one Board member confirm the vote tally to determine the winners in cooperation with ARIN's General Counsel. ARIN staff provides vote counters with a copy of the voting log and asks each to provide an independent tally and declare the winner(s). If the three results are identical, the President reports the findings to the Board and verifies that the election process was upheld. ARIN posts the election results to the ARIN website and arin-announce within seven calendar days of the close of election period.

NRO NC Tiebreak

If multiple candidates receive the same number of votes for the final available open seat, those candidate names will be placed in a random drawing, conducted by ARIN's President, with the Director of Communications and Member Services and ARIN's General Counsel serving as witnesses.

Interim Appointments

The ARIN Board may appoint an individual to the NRO NC to fill a vacancy created by an NRO NC representative from the ARIN region either being unable to complete their term, or being removed by the Board. As part of this process, the Board forms a Committee of the Whole to nominate at least two candidates for this position, and votes via secret ballot to select an appointee.

The person receiving the majority of votes of the active members of the Board of Trustees will be the appointee. If in the first round of voting no candidate receives the majority of the votes cast, then the two candidates receiving the most votes will be placed into a run-off vote with the same rules.

The President will notify the successful candidate of his or her interim appointment for the remainder of the calendar year. The remaining term of that position will be open to the next regularly scheduled general election or appointment process.


Any elected NRO NC representative from the ARIN region may be removed from office, with or without cause, by a majority vote held by ARIN Board members, meeting in person at a meeting where the notice describes this purpose. The individual whose removal is to be voted upon is entitled to at least ten calendar days notice and may appear before and be heard at such a meeting. Removal may proceed without the ARIN representative's presence at the meeting.

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