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Nomination Committee (NomCom) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the NomCom?

The NomCom identifies, recruits, and assesses a slate of ARIN Board of Trustees and Advisory Council (AC) candidates for the election, in accordance with ARIN Bylaws and procedures (Bylaws, Article VIII, Section 2.a.). The NomCom will seek to advance twice the number of candidates than the number of open seats, even if a larger number of qualified candidates is available. The NomCom must advance a minimum of one more candidate than the open positions in each body. Details are available from the NomCom Charter.

Who serves on the NomCom?

The NomCom is comprised of seven representatives; including two ARIN Board of Trustees representatives (one serving as Chair) that select and appoint the remaining five representatives from a pool of volunteers. The five appointed representatives from the pool of volunteers may include up to two serving Advisory Council members.

Volunteer General Members in Good Standing of the NomCom are asked to sign and return a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) within three business days of being selected.

The list of 2018 NomCom Appointees are available on the ARIN Board / Advisory Council Committee page.

What is the process by which the NomCom selects candidates from among the nominees?

The ARIN Board of Trustees forms the NomCom each year before the start of the nomination period. The NomCom evaluates nominees on established selection criteria. The deliberations of the NomCom regarding nominees are not open to ARIN staff or the non-participating ARIN Trustees and Advisory Council. Following its deliberations, the NomCom provides a report to the President and CEO of ARIN listing its slate of candidates for the general election to open seats on the ARIN Board of Trustees and Advisory Council. Upon the President and CEO's receipt and acceptance of the report, the NomCom Charter is complete and the committee is disbanded.

What criteria does the NomCom use to evaluate candidates?

After ARIN staff verifies the eligibility of the nominees and nominators, nominees are required to complete a questionnaire(s) that is approved by the ARIN Board of Trustees as part of the election procedures. The NomCom evaluates the questionnaires and conducts any necessary follow-up discussions with nominees to determine that they meet the general criteria for the respective bodies and that they are able to support ARIN in the fulfillment of its mission. The evaluation criteria are found in the NomCom Charter.

If a nominee is not part of the announced list of candidates, is there any action the nominee can take to become a candidate?

Yes. Both the ARIN Board of Trustees and Advisory Council have petition processes available for elections, which is open to nominees who were not accepted to the NomCom's slate of candidates and to any individual who wishes to bypass the NomCom review process. For more information about the petition process, see the relevant section of the ARIN Board of Trustees and Advisory Council Election Procedures page.

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