2020.1: RFC8181-Compliant Publication Service for Delegated RPKI


Author: Alex Band   
Submitted On: 08 January 2020

Description: Offer an RFC8181 compliant RPKI Publication Service for members running Delegated RPKI.

Value to Community:

Running Delegated RPKI offers considerable benefits to ARIN members who want to be operationally independent from the Hosted RPKI system that ARIN offers, for example because members require more automation than the hosted web interface and ARIN RPKI API offer, or because they need to manage ROAs for address space that is spread across multiple RIR regions.

Delegated RPKI lets organisations create and manage their own Certificate Authority and ROAs, but publication of the cryptographic material can be outsourced to a third party, as specified in RFC 8181.

ARIN already has extensive experience with hosting RPKI data and has all the required infrastructure. Because there is an existing contractual relationship between ARIN and members who use RPKI services, it makes ARIN an ideal candidate for offering RPKI publication as a service.

Timeframe: Not specified

Status: Confirmed   Updated: 08 January 2020

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