2019.2: Eliminate or Increase Revoked ROA per OrgID


Author: Nathan Newman   
Submitted On: 28 January 2019

Description: Eliminate or Increase Revoked ROA Limit of 1400 per OrgID

Value to Community: The limit of 1400 revoked ROAs should be eliminated or dramatically increased to ensure an Org never hits that limit. This would allow businesses to revoke any number of their ROAs as well as enable them to continue to create an extended lifetime for a ROA without fear of hitting the limit.

Timeframe: Not specified

Status: Open   Updated: 06 February 2019

Tracking Information

ARIN Comment

06 February 2019

Thank you for your suggestion, numbered 2019.2 upon confirmed receipt, requesting ARIN to Eliminate or Increase Revoked ROA Limit of 1400 per Org ID.

We agree with your suggestion to include to increase the Revoked ROA limit that is currently set to 1,400 CRLs per Org. This request will be added along with other RPKI enhancements that are in the queue. Our development schedule for the 2019 year is currently filled by previously submitted community suggestions and other system improvements. We will consider this suggestion, together with other RPKI-related community suggestions, for inclusion in our 2020 work plan.

Thank you for participating in the ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process. Your suggestion will remain open until implemented.