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ACSP Suggestion 2017.23: Changes To RegRWS Access With API Key Authentication


Alexander Stranzky
Submitted On:
20 November 2017

Description: RegRWS: Allow read access to objects that are authenticated by the API key even if nested objects fail to authenticate.

Example: if the API key is authenticated for a Net object, allow read access to that Net even if the Net's Org (or its Poc) object is not readable by the API key.

Value to Community: If for some reason you lose authentication on nested objects, it is extremely complicated to get the data of the object to recreate since the object structure from WhoisRWS (the only source where you can get the necessary data from) is not compatible to RegRWS. Allowing read access would ease this recreation process substantially.

Timeframe: Not specified

20 November 2017

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