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ACSP Suggestion 2016.08: List All Related Unvalidated POCs


Submitted On:
14 May 2016

Suggestion Details:

Description: The new dashboard does a nice job of listing unvalidated POCs. I (thought I) have been faithful in validating POCs as I receive notices, but I had no idea that I had four unvalidated POCs.

Is it possible that when a validation email is sent, that both in the email and on landing page for that reminder email, that the other unvalidated POCs are listed – just some way to be reminded of all the outstanding POCs?

Value to Community: More POCs are validated

Timeframe: Not specified

06 June 2016

Tracking Information

ARIN Comment

06 June 2016

Thank you for your suggestion, numbered 2016.8 upon confirmed receipt, related to ARIN's point of contact validation process. We agree that having more validated points of contact is of great value to the community.

It is good to hear you are finding the features in our new ARIN Online dashboard useful. As you pointed out, one of the features of the new dashboard includes improved information about point of contact validation for logged in ARIN Online users. In response to your suggestion and other feedback we have received, we will be making additional improvements to the point of contact validation process.

We expect improvements to point of contact validation notification to continue through Q1 of 2017. Your suggestion will remain open until implemented. 

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