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ACSP Suggestion 2014.9: Anonymizing Information


Nicole Raymond
Submitted On:
21 April 2014

Inclusion of Registered participants, asked to anonymize their information.

This would refer to the Original Prime Contractor.

Timeframe: Immediate

17 June 2014

Tracking Information

ARIN Comment

01 May 2014

ARIN is talking to the author to get a clear understanding of the issue.

ARIN Comment

17 June 2014

Thank you for suggestion, numbered 2014.9, in which you asked that your
information not be anonymized in our Whois directory service. Our Whois
service provides contact information, for network operation purposes,
associated with a large set of IP addresses (known as a "block"), usually
referring either to contacts associated with an Internet Service Provider
(ISP) or organization that received its space directly from ARIN. It does
not provide listings or contact information for individual IP addresses.

As such, your suggestion is unfortunately out-of-scope, and we are unable
to assist you. This suggestion will now be closed.

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