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ACSP Suggestion 2013.20: Auto-Fill Billing Contact Data


Owen DeLong
Submitted On:
02 October 2013

When paying an invoice through ARIN-online, I should not have to re-enter my billing information. There should be a check-box to populate that data from my billing contact record.

Timeframe: Immediate

20 March 2014

Tracking Information

ARIN Comment

20 March 2014

We are going to close Suggestion 2013.20: Auto-Fill Billing Contact Data per staff analysis and discussion with you.

For clarity to the community, it turns out that there are minimal matches between the billing contact information and the payment (credit card) information. This suggestion was intended to further reduce entry of payment information and was predicated on the assumption that there was a high correlation between the billing contact information and payment information.

Staff analysis revealed two items. First, there was a very low correlation between the billing contact and payment information. Second, pre-populating the payment information with billing contact information would increase credit card rejections as payor would largely accept, and not correct, the payment information so that it accurately matched their payment (credit card) information.

Based on additional community feedback, ARIN staff has significantly reduced the required payment information to streamline the payment process. As a result much of the payment information has been removed and remaining text clarified. These changes will be released 5 April 2014.

Thank you for the suggestion which is now closed.

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