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ACSP Suggestion 2013.11: Publication of Long-Term Strategic Plan


Heather Schiller
Submitted On:
29 April 2013

ARIN should make public it's long term strategic plan, by publishing it online and sharing it at least once a year at the public meeting.

Timeframe: Immediate

20 March 2014

Tracking Information

ARIN Comment

06 May 2013

Thank you for your suggestion, numbered 2013.11 upon confirmed receipt, to publish ARIN's long-term strategic plan online and share the plan at an ARIN meeting once a year. Staff will review this suggestion with the ARIN Board during their August 2013 workshop/meeting. ARIN will report back to you the decision with which the Board took regarding your suggestion.

ARIN Comment

20 March 2014

The ARIN Board of Trustees has published ARIN's 2014-2015 Strategic Plan which can be found at:

Additionally, John Curran will be briefly review the strategic plan at the upcoming ARIN 33 meeting in Chicago.

Thanks for making the suggestion which we now consider closed.

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