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ACSP Suggestion 2012.21: Note when policy proposals result from staff experience reports


Louie Lee
Submitted On:
25 October 2012

Policy proposals that result from staff experience reports should be noted as such in the proposal announcements and presentations. It will help show value of such experience reports.

Timeframe: Immediate

12 November 2012

Tracking Information

ARIN Comment

12 November 2012

ARIN has received your suggestion and assigned it the number 2012.21.

You suggested that it would be helpful to note in public policy presentations at ARIN meetings if a proposal has been developed in response to a staff experience report. For future meetings, ARIN staff will compare incoming proposals with issues raised by staff in Policy Implementation and Experience reports.

If a proposal deals with an area that has been reported on by staff in a recent Policy Implementation and Experience Report, then staff will make a note of that in the staff assessment and in it's history so that it is noted when the proposal is presented at a Public Policy Meeting.

Thank you for this valuable feedback; this suggestion is now closed.

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