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ACSP Suggestion 2012.2: Web-Based Whois Results Improvement


Heather Schiller
Submitted On:
29 March 2012

On the webbased whois search, display the item that you searched for at the top of the results page. If you are doing multiple look ups a day over several days, in several tabs, its easy to forget the initial element you looked up. For example, I looked up this IP: and get but no where on the search results page does it tell you what you looked up. If you look away from the screen/tab you have nothing to jog your memory about what you were doing. It's a little thing I know.. but I can't be the only one!

Timeframe: Six months

29 March 2012

Tracking Information

ARIN Comment

09 April 2012

This suggestion will be considered as part of the community consultation on open suggestions, and will be up for discussion at ARIN XXIX in Vancouver later this month.

ARIN will keep this suggestion open.

ARIN Comment

09 April 2012

Staff has determined that it will cost approximately $268,200 in engineering efforts plus limited communications efforts to implement this. This will involve a significant amount re-engineering and re-testing the web proxy to reflect the actual query along with the results (either through the search box or advanced search box).