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ACSP Suggestion 2011.5: Add Clarity to FAQ Re: Acquiring IPv6 Resources


David Farmer
Submitted On:
9 February 2011

It might be helpful to clarify in a FAQ on the web site, probably some place under the Number Resources/Request Resources Tab, that it is not a requirement to have legacy IPv4 resources covered under an LRSA in order to receive IPv6 resources. Only the new IPv6 resources are covered under the RSA unless specifically requested to cover any legacy IPv4 resources, under a LRSA or RSA.

Timeframe:  Immediate

11 February 2011

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ARIN Comment

11 February 2011

We have implemented your suggestion and added a question (#7) and answer to the Legacy FAQ found at: and a link to that same information at the bottom of the intro on This suggestion is now closed.

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