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ACSP Suggestion 2011.29: Add links to Query response


Rod Owens
Submitted On:
29 July 2011

At one time if a query came back at RIPE for example there was a link to click on which took you there. Now there is no such link and it would be nice to have again. Thanks.

Timeframe: Immediate

24 August 2011

Tracking Information

ARIN Comment

24 August 2011

On Tuesday evening, 11 October, during ARIN XXVIII in Philadelphia, there will be an ARIN Online Users Forum during which this and several other ARIN Online-related suggestions will be discussed. We encourage you to attend and participate. If you are unable to participate in person, we will also be offering remote participation and encourage you to participate remotely. Discussing enhancements with a larger audience will help us determine need and priority. This suggestion will remain open until resolved.

ARIN Comment

09 April 2012

Staff has determined that it would cost approximately $99,000 in engineering efforts plus limited registration services and communications efforts.

Implementation will be as follows:

  • Upon entering a Whois query for a block administered by another RIR, a user receives a hyperlink to that RIR's Whois record search rather than the specific record from that RIR's Whois.