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ACSP Suggestion 2007.34: ARIN Templates


Bala Andrapalliyal
Submitted On:
7 November 2007

When the ARIN template changes, it will be really helpful if you can list the differences from the previous version. This could be a separate section of the template itself.

We have an automated system to send emails to ARIN and it is important that we capture all the changes. Currently, we have to check field by field and read the entire rescription to make sure we didn't miss any changes.

Timeframe: Immediate

19 November 2007

Tracking Information

ARIN Comment

19 November 2007

This suggestion to list the differences on the templates when new versions are released would certainly be beneficial to the community. In addition to listing the changes within the template itself, there are several other ways that ARIN can make this information visible, including making a formal announcement to the community.

Suggestion 2007.34 is now closed.

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