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ACSP Suggestion 2007.29: Implement Lame-Delegation Policy on a Per-Zone Basis


Edward Lewis
Submitted On:
14 August 2007

Referring to, I would like to suggest that ARIN implement lame-delegation policy on a per-zone basis and not the per-network basis as described in the message. I am not making the request to "do" it, but to open this up for discussion as this change means that ARIN would have to do per-zone management. (BTW, this granularity would be needed for DNSSEC if that ever happens.) I would guess that this change is not trivial, meaning it would come at a cost. From what I hear, there may be a desire by the community to see this cost borne.

Timeframe: Immediate

27 September 2007

Tracking Information

ARIN Comment

27 September 2007

ARIN staff monitored the volume of list activity and concur with this view. As a result, ARIN will be utilizing the consultation process to gather further input from the community.

This suggestion was referred to the ARIN Consultation Process.

Suggestion 2007.29 is now closed.

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