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ACSP Suggestion 2007.26: Enforce Mailing List AUP


Heather Schiller
Submitted On:
25 July 2007

Enforce section 9.1 of nrpm - the AUP for ARIN's public mailing lists.

Admittedly, I have no insight into whether or not this is happening already and whether or not folks are actively being contacted and "asked to adhere to the policy." However, given how long the same people have been slinging back and forth personal insults, accusations, other confrontational and disrespectful comments, and directly attacking the character individuals some of whom are on ppml and some of whom are not, it doesn't look like anyone has been warned or removed.. because the rhetoric has not toned down.

Timeframe: Immediate

8 August 2007

Tracking Information

ARIN Comment

8 August 2007

ARIN General Counsel and staff actively monitor and evaluate posted comments on a continual basis. Appropriate action will be taken when deemed necessary.

Suggestion 2007.26 is now closed.

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