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ACSP Suggestion 2006.6: ACSP Instructions


Ed Lewis
Submitted On:
10 October 2006

In the ACSP:

Part B. Suggestion Process

"ARIN staff will confirm to the sender that the suggestion has been received."

This should say that the confirmation email has a link to click on to confirm the receipt of the confirmation message. I didn't confirm the first suggestion - because I generally ignore all confirmation messages (most are spam - like confirming a new paypal account).

Timeframe: Immediate

26 October 2006

Tracking Information

ARIN Comment

26 October 2006

The ACSP Suggestion Form was changed to clearly inform the user of the steps involved in submitting a suggestion. You will find the revised text at:

In the upper right corner of the ACSP document we added the note "Questions concerning the ACSP itself should be sent to"

Suggestion 2006.6 is now closed.

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