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ARIN Suggestions

Suggestions and consultation on ARIN services and practices are requested in accordance with the ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process. The status of current and historical suggestions is provided below.

Active Suggestions
Number Subject Status Notes
2016.14 Non-Incumbent Board of Trustees Candidate Requirement Open  
2016.13 ARIN Elections - Statements of Support Improvement Open  
2016.12 Interactive Fee Calculator Open  
2016.11 Improvements to RESTful Web Services Open  
2016.10 Allow Billing Consolidation for Organizations with both LRSA & RSA Resouces Open  
2016.09 Include date since last response in POC Report Open  
2016.08 List All Related Unvalidated POCs Open  
2016.06 Add PO Field to Invoices in ARIN Online Open  
2016.03 Provide Web UI for RDAP Open  
2016.02 Minor UI improvements to ARIN Online Open  
2015.20 Marking ARIN Online Messages as Read Open  
2015.18 Sort Order For Utilization reports from RESTful Whois Open  
2015.17 Voting System Change for ARIN Elections Open  
2015.15 Improvements to SSL Security for Open  
2015.6 Make Transfer Statistics available on FTP Open  
2015.3 Tie Route Objects in IRR to Netblocks of RIR Database Open  
2014.30 Reflect Returns in IRR Data Open  
2014.10 Changes to Candidate Speeches Open  
2013.29 Improve ARIN Online Form Time-Out Behavior Open  
2013.28 POC Validation Message Removal Upon Validation Open  
2013.22 Sunsetting of RWhois Support Open  
2013.16 Association of Multiple Networks With A Customer Open  
2013.2 Enable Use of Extended Characters in Records On hold This suggestion is dependent on IETF's standardization of I8N within the WEIRDS WG and some specification that allows for backwards compatibility (if required for Whois).
2012.20 Remove result limit for Whois-RWS child network queries Open -
Pending Prioritization
Engineering project awaiting prioritization
2012.5 Bulk Billing Management Open -
Pending Prioritization

Engineering project awaiting prioritization

2011.21 ARIN Online User Interface Open -
Pending Implementation

Prioritized project awaiting implementation

2011.17 Define access restrictions for APIs Open -
Pending Prioritization

Engineering project awaiting prioritization

2008.14 Construct Validated IRR Data On hold ARIN is preparing to deploy RPKI, and work is being discussed in the IETF. It is premature for ARIN to begin any work in this area.

Closed Suggestions

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