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ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process - Appendix A: Change Log

The change log archives the changes made to the ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process; indicates the effective date, and the ARIN Board of Trustees meeting that the change was adopted; identifies the section number and provides a description.

ACSP Change Log
ACSP Version Effective Date Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes Section Number Description
5 18 January 2018 18 January 2018 Various

Clarifying text changes made as well as additional process language regarding suggestions under Board or AC scope.
4 29 July 2014 18 July 2014 Various

See announcement for details
3 15 February 2012   B 1. Submission Process (edits)

modified through the ACSP
2 21 August 2007 22 July 2007 B Paragraph 2

New: The President will evaluate the proposal, and will within ten (10) business days provide a response to the submitter.
18 September 2006 11 October 2006 N/A New

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