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ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process

ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process

Version 3 - 15 February 2012

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From time to time, the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) needs to consult with either the members of ARIN or with the community at large regarding ARIN services and practices.

Additionally, from time to time the members and the community need to be able to suggest changes or additions to ARIN services and practices. The ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process (ACSP) will:

  • Enable communications in an organized, deliberate, and transparent manner.
  • Provide a feedback mechanism whereby the sense of the community or members regarding a specific issue can be gauged.


The process described here is not meant to remove or impinge upon the ability of the ARIN Board or President to carry out their legal, fiduciary, or operational responsibilities. Unusual or exigent circumstances or legal or policy issues may require truncated or different procedures and require abandonment of usual practices. This is strictly an internal ARIN policy and creates no rights or expectations for any ARIN Member or third party.

The ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process

The ACSP consists of two parts, a consultation process and a suggestion process. The consultation process will be used by the ARIN Board of Trustees or the President to consult either the members of ARIN or the broader community in the ARIN region. The source of the consultation issue will be an initiative that originates with either the Board, the President, or the suggestion process. The suggestion process provides the members of ARIN or the broader community in the ARIN region a formal means to suggest changes or additions or suspension of ARIN services or practices.

Part A. Consultation Process

  1. ARIN will, when appropriate, announce a proposal on which consultation is sought at, and through the arin-announce mailing list. At a minimum the announcement will contain:
    1. A description of the proposal.
    2. The time frame by which the service is intended to be implemented.
    3. The deadline to provide comments for consideration.
  2. The comments will be used by the Board or President as appropriate in making the final decision regarding the proposal.
  3. In special circumstances, the Board may determine that a vote by the membership is useful or appropriate. In that circumstance the ARIN voting software may be used to conduct a referendum election.

Part B. Suggestion Process

1. Suggestion Submission

Any person in the ARIN community is welcome to make a suggestion regarding an existing or potential ARIN service or practice. Such a suggestion will be sent to ARIN as described at Suggestion Submission page.  At a minimum, the suggestion should contain:

  • A description of the proposal.
  • The time frame by which the service is desired.
  • Contact information of the person making the suggestion.

ARIN staff will immediately confirm to the sender the receipt of each suggestion.

Within 10 business days ARIN staff will evaluate the suggestion and take one of three actions described below, posting the response in the Suggestions Archive:

  1. Inform the sender that the suggestion is out of scope, not possible due to legal constraints or prohibitive cost, or refer it to the Policy Development Process. The suggestion will be closed.
  2. Inform the sender that the suggestion has obvious merit and can be readily implemented. An estimate of the time frame for completion will be attached to the suggestion, and the suggestion will remain open until implemented.
  3. Inform the sender that the suggestion may have merit and that it will be queued for a community consultation and discussion at the next ARIN Public Policy Meeting. The suggestion will remain open and will follow the path described below.
2.  Open Suggestion Review

At least two weeks in advance of each ARIN Public Policy Meeting, ARIN will announce to the community via arin-announce and the consult mailing list, the list of open suggestions. Each suggestion shall contain a high-level staff assessment of perceived level of effort involved to implement it.  The community will be asked for comments on the merit of each suggestion and will be asked to rank them in their desired order of potential implementation.

At each Public Policy Meeting there will be a community discussion of these suggestions.  Within 30 business days of the conclusion of each meeting, ARIN staff will publish the prioritized list of suggestions, noting any closed because the community found them to lack merit.

In some circumstances, the Board may direct that a poll of the members of ARIN be conducted to aid in determining the merit or priority of specific suggestions. In that circumstance, the ARIN voting system or a third-party survey tool may be used to conduct an appropriate poll of the members.

Effective 1 August 2006
Amended 23 July 23 2007
Amended 15 February 2012