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ARIN Suggestion Archive

2018 Closed Suggestions Archive
Number Subject Action Completed Comments
2018.1 Revision Management System for NRPM Closed    
2018.5 Unified RIR Policy Proposal Submission System Closed 11 April 2018  
2018.6 Feedback on DMARC Closed 06 April 2018  
2018.12 Request for Board Travel Report Closed 27 August 2018  
2018.20 Change Requirements for STLS Facilitators Closed 27 August 2018  
2018.21 Change in Wording in NRPM 8.3 and 8.4 Closed 15 August 2018  

Suggestion 2018.23, 2018.24, and 2018.25 were either withdrawn by the submitter, spam, an inadvertent confirmation, or internal testing, and so no response was required.

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