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ARIN Suggestion Archive

Suggestion 2017.4, 2017.10, and 2017.26 were either withdrawn by the submitter, spam, an inadvertent confirmation, or internal testing, and so no response was required.

2017 Closed Suggestions Archive
Number Subject Action Completed Comments
2017.2 Improved Notification Emails Closed 18 September 2017  
2017.6 Registrant Validation Remediation Proposal Closed    
2017.12 Remove phone number as a required field in ACSP Submission Closed 18 September 2017  
2017.14 Provide Statistics About the Size of Available 2-byte and 4-byte ASNs Closed    
2017.15 Add Hyperlinks Within the NRPM Closed 22 September 2017  
2017.17 Add HSTS Support to and Closed 20 November 2017  
2017.20 Quarterly Reporting of Travel Expenses Closed 29 November 2017  
2017.27 Allow Directors from Other Organizations to Serve on ARIN Board and In Executive Roles Closed 06 December 2017  

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