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ARIN Consultations Archive

2014 Closed Consultations Archive
Number Subject Action Completed Comments
2014.1 Whois Terms of Use Completed 31 March 2014 New Whois Terms of Use Implemented
2014.2 Future Use of the ARIN Discuss Mailing List Completed 25 April 2014 Status Quo for ARIN-Discuss Mailing List
2014.3 Open Suggestion Review and Project Prioritization Survey Pending 28 April 2014  
2014.4 New Experimental Allocation Closed 01 September 2014 ARIN will be allocating space to RIPE NCC for their proposed experiment
2014.5 ICG RFP Response Process Closed 10 September 2014 New survey and mailing list
2014.6 Future Direction for the ARIN Fee Schedule Closed 09 December 2014 Board to review feedback

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