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ARIN Suggestion Archive

2010 Closed Suggestions Archive
Number Subject Action Completed Comments
2010.1 Offer Legacy RSA Signatories No Initial Fee IPv6 Address Blocks ( Or something close) None Taken 27 May 2010  
2010.2 Vendor Usage of IP Addresses for Geo-Location None Taken 10 February 2010 Pointed to appropriate resources
2010.3 Eliminate Term "License" from Fee Schedule Implemented 20 July 2011 Term eliminated
2010.4 Release Class E Addresses None Taken 2 March 2010 Outside of scope
2010.5 Interpretation of Micro-allocation Policy None Taken 10 March 2010 Out of scope, pointed to policy process
2010.6 ACSP Suggestion 2010.6: IPv6 Resources to ASN Holders None Taken 12 April 2010 Out of scope, pointed to policy process
2010.7 IP WHOIS community problem reporting system Implemented 14 July 2014  
2010.8 Display IPv4 run-out application on an iPod Touch during tradeshows Will consider modified implementation 28 April 2010 Will consider placing and similar countdown apps on device at tradeshows
2010.9 Weekly post to NANOG of revoked or removed number resources Modified implementation 12 August 2010  
2010.10 Schedule Fellows Meet and Greet with President and Chairman at all ARIN meetings Implemented 30 April 2010 Will be implemented starting with ARIN XXVI. Specific day and time will remain flexible; subject to policy schedule and staff availability.
2010.11 Whois Changes Feedback noted 22 July 2010  
2010.12 Physical location data of routers with IPv6 addresses None 23 July 2010  
2010.13 Add iCal feed of an ARIN Event Calendar Partially Implemented 21 July 2010  
2010.14 Add Local Times to ARIN Meeting Websites Implemented 21 July 2010  
2010.15 Provide LinkedIn group for ARIN members and participants Implemented 16 August 2010  
2010.16 Legacy Registration Service Agreement Modification Closed 24 January 2013 Closed as result of converging modifications to RSA and LRSA.
2010.18 Post PDF of Community IPv4/IPv6 Slide Deck Implemented 24 September 2010  
2010.19 Formalize liaison with standard bodies such as IETF Pursuing modified implementation 27 September 2011 Suggestion of a formal liaison with the IETF is being raised in the context of the broader RIR community through the NRO.
2010.20 Format of Whois Output None Taken 2 November 2010  
2010.21 Temporarily Suspend Attestation Letter Requirement for IPv6 None Taken 1 December 2010 Feedback will be shared with the Board in January
2010.22 Exception for Requests of a 12-month supply of IPv4 address received prior to IANA depletion None Taken 30 December 2010  

Suggestions 2010.17 was spam and so no response was required.

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