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ARIN Suggestion Archive

2006 Closed Suggestions Archive
Number Subject Action Completed Comments
2006-1 Making Suggestions Transparent Action Completed 19 September 2006 ARIN will periodically publish a report concerning suggestions received.
2006.2 Filter access to our network BY REGION No Action Required 16 October 2006 Author referred to an operational forum.
2006.3 NRPM Modifications Action Completed 9 January 2007  
2006.4 ARIN to sign No Action Required 19 October 2006 Author referred to
2006-5 Asking Questions About the ACSP No Action Required 18 October 2006 Author referred to
2006.6 ACSP Instructions Action Completed 26 October 2006  
2006.8 Use the bulk WHOIS copy for LIS Discovery purpose No Action Required 11 January 2007 Author referred to IRPEP.
2006.9 Announcements No Action Required 8 January 2007  
2006.10 Security Box on Email Confirmation No Action Taken 8 January 2007 ARIN will monitor.

Suggestions 2006.7 was spam and so no response was required.

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