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Everything you need to know about ARIN, Internet number resources, and the RIR community is available here. Download fact sheets and backgrounders, view tutorials and Flash presentations, read up on RFCs and other technical information, and study the latest regional and global Internet number resource statistics.

IPv6 Info Center

ARIN's one-stop shop for IPv6 knowledge. Learn how to convince your organization that IPv6 is needed, get implementation advice, and access the helpful tools and resources ARIN has available for public use.

General Education

Download all of ARIN's educational materials, including organizational and technical fact sheets, ARIN information, and multimedia presentations.

Technical Information

Learn about tools to help manage Internet number resources, read educational documents on resources ARIN administers, learn about address block allocations, and read relevant RFCs.

Regional Internet Registries

ARIN is one of five nonprofit, member-based organizations called Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). Learn more about the registry system and each RIR's geographical region.


View charts that highlight ARIN statistics. Data is aggregated by month for the current year. Additional statistics, including historical ARIN statistics and links to statistics of the other Regional Internet Registries are also available.

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