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ARIN at a Glance

Company Information

ARIN Board Statements

The ARIN Board of Trustees has a number of published statements in response to Board resolutions.  Learn more about the issues facing the ARIN community.

ARIN Membership

You don't need to be a Member to receive resources and participate in the ARIN policy development process, but there are benefits. Membership in ARIN is open to any individual or entity. Learn how you or your organization can become an ARIN member.

About ARIN Presentation

About ARIN is a flash-based presentation that offers a brief overview of ARIN's role, mission, and function in the Internet community.

ARIN's Policy Development Process

This Flash-based presentation provides a guided tour of ARIN's Policy Development Process (PDP). The first half of the presentation explains the purpose, scope, principles, and philosophy behind the PDP. The second half is an interactive tour of the specific steps and rules that guide policy ideas from proposal to implementation.

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