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Green Initiatives at ARIN

Logo for Green Initiatives at ARINA few years back, an ARIN Board member challenged us to look for ways to become a “greener” organization. In response, ARIN developed specific goals to minimize our waste, maximize our current usage of resources, and reduce our carbon footprint. 

To date, we have undertaken the following:

  • Stepped up our commitment to recycling aluminum cans, cardboard, and plastic containers in our offices.
  • Replaced paper coffee cups with mugs so everyone can still get their caffeine without filling up the landfills. 
  • At the end of each Public Policy and Member Meeting we offer a “badge amnesty” program where we collect meeting badge holders so they can be recycled for future use. 
  • All Staff, Board, AC and ASO AC airline travel is coupled with the purchase of Travel Carbon Offsets.
  • Reducing our dependence on printed materials for our Public Policy and Members Meetings.

Note: For 2016, we're proud to report an equivalent emissions reduction of 357 metric tons CO2 through Native Energy Carbon Offsets for Businesses.

In addition, several of our staff members have switched to hybrid vehicles and motorcycles for commuting, and a number even cycle to work in good weather – that is no small thing in Northern Virginia!

ARIN is pleased to be making strides with our green initiatives, and we will continue to seek new ways to reduce our carbon footprint while continuing to implement the programs we already have in place.  Together we believe that green thinking and doing can make a difference.

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