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Legacy Registration Services Agreement


The Legacy RSA is offered to those organizations and individuals in the ARIN service region who hold legacy Internet number resources not covered by any other Registration Services Agreement with ARIN. Legacy holders who sign up are guaranteed the same services provided to other organizations who have a signed RSA with ARIN. A legacy number resource is an IPv4 address or Autonomous System number that was issued by an Internet Registry (InterNIC or its predecessors) prior to ARIN's inception on Dec. 22, 1997.

There is a $100 (USD) annual maintenance fee associated with the legacy RSA, which may be waived if an organization voluntarily returns unused address space to ARIN.

Note that ARIN will not reclaim unutilized address space from legacy holders who sign this RSA, nor will ARIN attempt to take away legacy resources from organizations who choose not to sign it. However, signing the Legacy RSA contractually locks in a set of rights, and thus reduces the risk of future change to a minimum.

Legacy Application Process

Step 1

Complete the Legacy Online Application. This form is available at

Step 2

Once a legacy application has been submitted, the requestor will receive an automated response that will include the ARIN ticket number. ARIN's Registration Services staff will then begin the process of evaluating the application to ensure that the submitted information is accurate and up to date. ARIN staff will contact the applicant if additional information is needed to evaluate the application.

Step 3

After the evaluation is completed, ARIN's Registration Services staff will send the Legacy Applicant a copy of the Legacy RSA. The Legacy Applicant will then need to complete and submit the Legacy Registration Services Agreement (Legacy RSA). In addition to the signature and contact information for an authorized officer of the company, contact information for the appropriate billing contact must also be provided.

The Legacy RSA is also available at [PDF]

Step 4

Upon successful evaluation of the submitted information and receipt of the signed and completed Legacy RSA, ARIN will notify the organization or individual. This marks the end of the application process and marks the beginning of the contractual agreement.

Step 5

Two months prior to the one year anniversary of the date the Legacy RSA was signed, ARIN's Billing Department will send out an invoice for the annual legacy maintenance fee. The fee is due by the anniversary date. This billing event will reoccur annually. For additional details on the annual maintenance fee for legacy resources, please see the appropriate section of the ARIN Fee Schedule.