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Upcoming Template Changes

In order to support per-delegation management of nameservers and provision secure delegations through Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC), ARIN is releasing revised templates that will include:

  • An API key field for added security and authentication
  • The removal of the nameserver fields and the optional resource contact section from the templates

For those who continue to use the current (version 4) templates, the new system will ignore nameserver changes submitted via template and will ignore any resource POCs added on Detailed-Reassignment or Reallocation templates. All POC management can be done using ARIN Online.

Note: In anticipation of these changes, please review "Preview: Interacting With ARIN's Registration Services" for specifics on the various methods available to interact with ARIN in regards to registration service actions.

Note: Once the new templates are released, ARIN will auto-reject version 3 of any templates. ARIN will still accept version 4 of templates, but strongly encourages users of older templates to transition to version 5 as soon as they are available.

Previews of Upcoming Template Changes

Because the current system is not yet ready to accept the new templates, please continue using the current template set until further notice. ARIN is providing a preview of the upcoming templates for informational purposes only.

ARIN welcomes community feedback regarding this ongoing project. Subscribe and participate on the mailing list if you have questions or comments.

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