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ARIN is structured to operate as a service organization that is responsive to the needs of the public it serves. It is organized and driven by the users in the community and is thus able to keep in step with their requirements. ARIN is comprised of the following departments, highlight each for a description.

ARIN Staff
John Curran President & CEO
Nate Davis

Chief Operating Officer

Richard Jimmerson

Chief Information Officer

Cathy Handley Executive Director of Government Affairs and Public Policy
     Einar Bohlin Government Affairs and Public Policy Analyst
Associate General Counsel and Senior Director of Global Registry Knowledge
Michael Abejuela Associate General Counsel
Leslie Nobile Senior Director of Global Registry Knowledge
Human Resources and Administration
Erin Alligood Director of HR & Administration
     Thérèse Colosi Executive Assistant
     Denise Alston Receptionist
     Sarah Ba Administrative Coordinator
Financial Services
Val Winkelman Director of Financial Services
     Tammy Rowe Accounting Supervisor
          Lindsay Norman Junior Account Service Representative
          Tanya Gomez Senior Account Service Representative
          Amy Sanchez Senior Account Service Representative
          Amaris Wang Senior Collection Specialist
Mark Kosters Chief Technology Officer
     Garth Dubin Technical Manager
          Grace Wang Senior Software Test Engineer
          Olivia Bilby Software Test Engineer
          Jill Carlson Software Integration Analyst
          Hema Kalathur Software Test Engineer
          Kris Langhorn Senior Software Test Engineer
          Crystal Propst Junior Software Test Engineer
          Maureen Seiler Senior Software Test Engineer
          Liang Xu Senior Software Test Engineer
          Ming Yan Senior Software Test Engineer
     Debra Martin Senior Project Manager
          Sherrie Link Project Manager
     Andy Newton Chief Engineer
          Jan Blacka Senior User Experience Specialist
          Scott Carlson Database Analyst
          Leo (Liangbo) Deng Senior Software Engineer
          Nick Guichon Software Engineer
          Matt Haimbach Junior Software Engineer
          Frank Hill Software Engineer
          Louise Howard Senior Software Engineer
          Paul Khouri Saba Software Engineer
          Ed MacDonald Senior Software Engineer
          Eric Parton Software Engineer
          Bill Ponting Junior Software Engineer
          Jasdip Singh Senior Software Engineer
          Steve Tiilikainen Software Engineer
          Avneet Wadhwani Senior Software Engineer
     Pete Toscano Network Operations Manager
          Rob Atkinson Support Engineer
          Steve Bambling Systems Administrator
          Robert Bellante Systems Administrator
          John Jensen Database Systems Administrator
          Octavis Jones Support Engineer
          Frankie McDonough Systems Administrator
          Devon Mizelle Database Systems Administrator
     Matt Rowley Infrastructure Manager
          Jacob Castello Systems Administrator
          David Jeffers Systems Administrator
          Georg Anderson Network Administrator
          Michael O'Neill Senior Network Engineer
          Richard Sarmiento Security Engineer
          Steve Scally Security Engineer
Communications and Member Services
Susan Hamlin Director of Communications and Member Services
     Melissa Goodwin Meeting Planner
     Sean Hopkins Policy Analyst
     Hollis Kara Communications Manager
          Jennifer Bly PR and Social Media Coordinator
          Jason Byrne Senior Web Content Coordinator
          Open Communications and Technical Writer
          Kim Kelly Communications Writer
          Erin Sellers Graphics Designer
     Wendy Leedy Member Engagement Coordinator
     Mary Ryan Meeting Planner
Registration Services
Open – Temporarily: Richard Jimmerson, CIO Director of Registration Services
     Cathy Clements Transfer Services Manager
     Lisa Liedel Resource Services Manager
     Jonathan Worley Technical Services Manager
     Eddie Diego Senior Resource Analyst
     Mike Pappano Senior Resource Analyst
     Suzanne Rogers Paralegal - Registration Services
     Misuk Kwon Resource Analyst
     Doreen Marraffa Resource Analyst
     James Ricewick Resource Analyst
     Jonathan Roberts Resource Analyst
     Shawn Sullivan Resource Analyst

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