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Voting Contacts

Each ARIN Member organization is asked to designate one Voting Contact to vote in ARIN Elections, held each fall.  

Voting Contacts:

  • Must have an email address containing their name or initials (no role accounts, i.e. support@, info@)
  • Are not identified in Whois
  • Must be designated and up-to-date by the voter eligibility deadline (6 September 2016)
  • Must be linked to an ARIN Online account
  • May only be designated/modified by the Admin Point of Contact (POC) for a given Member organization

If you have any questions regarding Voting Contacts, contact us at

Viewing Your Voting Contact Information

To view your organization's Voting Contact:

  1. Log into your ARIN Online account
  2. Select Your Account > Organization Identifiers on the left
  3. Select an Organization Identifier (Org ID)
  4. Select "Membership" on the right

Updating your Voting Contact Information

Via email
  1. Send an email to including the following Voting Contact information:
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Phone Number (please indicate if number is office or cell)
    • Address
    • Email address (no role accounts)
    • POC information
Via ARIN Online
  1. Login to ARIN Online
  2. Select Your Account > Organization Identifiers on the left
  3. Select the Organization Identifier (Org ID) you wish to designate a Voting Contact for
  4. Select modify
  5. Select "Manage Voting Contact"
  6. Select your existing Voting Contact
  7. Select the red arrow to remove your former Voting Contact
  8. Select the Point of Contact (POC) you wish to designate as your new Voting Contact
  9. Select continue
  10. Select submit

Creating a Voting Contact

  1. Login to ARIN Online
  2. Select Your Account > on the left
  3. Select create on the right
    • If your ARIN Online account is not linked to any POCs, select Create a POC Record in the body of the page
  4. While completing the POC creation form, select Voting Contact as a function for the POC to serve
    • Either utilize the same email address as that of your ARIN Online account to automatically link the POC to your account, or utilize the instructions below to link it manually

Linking a Voting Contact to your ARIN Online Account

  1. Select "new user?" above the ARIN Online login box on the left
  2. Complete the ARIN Online account creation form using your Voting Contact's email address
  3. Open the email sent to you
  4. Select the confirmation link
  5. Log into your newly created ARIN Online account
  6. Agree to the Terms of Service
  7. Complete your web profile
  8. Select " Link your ARIN Web account"
  9. Select Enter
  10. Input your existing Voting Contact information
  11. Select the right arrow
  12. Select Continue
  13. Open the email sent to you
  14. Select the authorization link

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