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Membership Defined

As specified in the Bylaws there are two types of ARIN members, General and Trustee.

General members are comprised of entities with direct allocations of IP address space from ARIN, either IPv4 or IPv6 resources. These entities are automatically granted membership status when they receive their initial address block. Additionally, any entity that has a signed Registration Services Agreement (RSA) or Legacy RSA with ARIN and holds a number resource from ARIN may choose to pay a fee to become an ARIN member.

Trustee members are comprised of the individuals elected or appointed to the ARIN Board of Trustees and the President of ARIN. Trustees are members during their tenure on the Board. In some instances, a Trustee member may also be a General Member if the entity by which they are employed holds resources from ARIN.

General Members

  • Organizations receiving an initial direct allocation of IPv4 or IPv6 addresses from ARIN (generally Internet Providers, Hosting firms, etc.) are automatically accorded membership upon receipt at that time. No action is required on the part of the organization. This membership is annually renewed with the payment of the organization's annual subscription renewal fee.
  • Organizations holding a direct assignment of IPv4 or IPv6 address space (end users), an AS number, an experimental allocation, or any combination of resources under a signed Registration Services Agreement (RSA) or Legacy RSA may choose to become an ARIN general member. Completion of the Membership Application Form and payment of an annual, renewal $500.00 membership fee is all that is required.

General membership is associated with an Organization Identifier (Org ID).  Membership rights for entities with multiple Org IDs depend on the resources associated under each Org ID.

It is not necessary to become a member of ARIN prior to applying for additional Internet number resources, nor will doing so make it easier to obtain them. Members and nonmembers alike must justify number resource requests based on utilization criteria. Membership is not required to participate in ARIN's policy development process.

Voting Contact

Each ARIN General Member is asked to name a Voting Contact. This is the only person that will be eligible to vote in ARIN online elections (Bylaws, Article VIII, Section 3.b.). The Voting Contact must have a name and personalized email address on record with the Communications and Member Services Department to be eligible to vote. The email must include the person's name or initials and the organization's domain name. Role accounts are not acceptable.

The Voting Contact is not identified in Whois. The information is used exclusively for ARIN's Communications and Member Services Department and will not be shared with anyone outside ARIN.

Although the Communications and Member Services Department sends reminders to update Voting Contact information prior to ARIN's annual election cycle, it is ultimately the member's responsibility to maintain its data and ensure voter eligibility. The Admin POC on the organization has the ultimate authority to name the Voting Contact and to update and change Voting Contact information.

To verify or update your organization's Voting Contact information, use ARIN Online or contact the Communications and Member Services Department at

General Members in Good Standing

A General Member in good standing is defined as an entity that is current on all membership and/or resource fee payments (Bylaws, Article V, Section 1.b.).

The ARIN Board of Trustees declares that, for purposes of determining General Member in Good Standing status, the term 'current' is defined as having no overdue invoices per ORG ID.

General Members in good standing can take advantage of Member benefits. ARIN relies on the involvement of its members to accomplish its mission. Members are encouraged to attend meetings, engage in policy and mailing list discussions, and exercise their responsibility to vote in elections.

Membership Termination

Membership is terminated when the directly allocated address space is transferred to another entity or returned to ARIN, or when the entity fails to pay required annual renewal, maintenance, or membership fees. If resources are transferred, membership and its associated rights are transferred to the new resource holder, if that entity creates a new Org ID with ARIN.

More Information

Contact the Communications and Member Services Department at with questions about membership or general ARIN operations, or to update your Voting Contact information.

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