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Designated Member Representatives

Each ARIN Member is asked to name a Designated Member Representative (DMR).  Keeping your DMR information up to date is important, as only DMRs are allowed to vote online in ARIN elections, held annually each fall. Note that ARIN communicates about voting and elections to DMRs through email, phone, and postal mail. The DMR is not identified in Whois and their information is used exclusively by ARIN; ARIN will not share this information with anyone. If you have any questions regarding DMRs, please email

Viewing DMR Information

To view your organization's DMR:

  • Log into your ARIN Online account
  • Select ORGANIZATION DATA on the left
  • Select an Organization Identifier (Org ID)
  • Select "Membership Info" on the right

Updating the DMR

ARIN has stringent rules about DMR emails and verifies that organizations provide legitimate contacts to fulfill this critical role. For a DMR to be eligible to vote, their personalized email address must:

  • Not be that of a role account (info@, hostmaster@, support@)
  • Contain a person's name or initials (joesmith@, joes @, js@)
  • Have a domain matching the Organization or DBA name that ARIN has on file
  • Exceptions: DMRs can be made eligible to vote even if they don't meet this criteria, if the organization's ADMIN POC provides a URL demonstrating the affiliation between the organization/DBA name and DMR email domain or writes to explaining that the DMR is a doing consulting work for the company.

To name a new voter, you can simply email with your new DMR's first and last name, phone number, postal address, and personal email that meets the criteria above and we will set them up for you.

Alternatively, an administrative or tech POC can link a point of contact as a DMR through ARIN Online following these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Go to the ARIN Online login area and Click New User then follow the steps to create an account.
  3. Login to ARIN Online, accept terms of service, and complete your user profile.
  4. Click POC Records on the left navigation bar.
  5. Click on the Create button under the POC actions toolbox (if you are not linked to any point of contact already then click the "Create a POC Record" link from the POC records page).
  6. Select the DMR function and complete the POC Create form to create your new DMR POC.
  7. If the email address you entered for the DMR POC is the same as your web account's email address, they will be automatically linked. If not, you will need to click the Link to this POC button to request the link, and then enter the confirmation URL sent to your email account that was entered as the DMR POC email address. 
    • Note: If your ARIN Online account is already linked to a DMR, you must remove it before linking to your newly created one.
  8. Now go the organization to modify your DMR to reflect the newly created DMR.

The Admin POC for a given organization has the ultimate authority to name that organization’s DMR and to update and change the DMR contact information.

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