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Rights & Responsibilities


ARIN provides benefits designed to encourage participation by every General Member in Good Standing or its representatives.  The following benefits are defined in the ARIN Bylaws:

  • Participate in Elections
    • Nominate individuals to the Board of Trustees and Advisory Council.
    • Vote - each ARIN member is entitled to one vote per open seat, cast by its Voting Contact .
    • Take advantage of an extended online voting period in the NRO Number Council election.
  • Participate in member mailing lists for announcements and discussions.
  • Take advantage of future membership benefits offered.

Membership Logo

ARIN Logo for Members to useTake pride in your contribution to the Internet community and post an ARIN Member logo on your website and printed materials!

To receive a copy of the member's logo to the right, please send an e-mail to Be sure to include information about whether the logo will be for print or online, and what size you would prefer.

Please be aware that the logo for print publication may be a large file.


As a service organization, ARIN places a premium on being responsive to the needs of the community.  Our ability to respond is heavily impacted by the level of community participation in elections, meetings, and the policy process.

As the ARIN community grows and changes, we are actively seeking to diversify community involvement through our outreach and education activities.  We rely on our members to be "good citizens" by voting in elections, attending meetings, and participating in the policy process, so we can continue to fulfill our mission.

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