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Annual Strategic Planning and Budgeting

Based on direction provided by the Board of Trustees, ARIN performs its mission according to a Strategic Plan. This Strategic Plan is an on-going process, updated annually, that in conjunction with a Board-approved annual budget, drives the creation of an internal work plan.

As described in ARIN's Bylaws, the Board of Trustees establishes and maintains authority over ARIN's scope, mission, and strategic and fiscal direction, and as such is responsible for the management and approval of the organization's budget and Strategic Plan. Six members are elected by ARIN's membership to represent the community and the President of ARIN serves as the seventh Trustee. Board members are selected in accordance with the ARIN Bylaws and the published election process. An additional voting member (potentially bringing the Board to 8 voting seats) may be appointed by the Board at its discretion (for a term not to exceed one (1) year) to provide diversity to the Board's membership, in accordance with Article VI, Section 1.b of the bylaws.

For each fiscal year, the Board adopts a Strategic Plan and budget, based on recommendations from staff and input from the community. The budget includes categories for personnel, operations, general office/administration, and Internet support.  ARIN staff performs its mission in accordance with the goals and principles found in its annual strategic plan based on guidance provided by the Board. 

After the end of each fiscal year, ARIN staff compiles and publishes an annual report that includes information on activities related to goals set by the Strategic Plan and a report from an independent auditor on ARIN's financials. These reports are available on the ARIN website.

Strategic Plan


ARIN 2017 Budget
Personnel $11,976,106
Salaries and Employee Benefits* $11,976,106
Operations $6,029,562
Communications $999,515
Software & Equipment Support and Licenses $845,216
Depreciation $4,184,831
General Office and Administration $5,085,243
Professional Fees/Outreach $689,600
General Office $813,050
Bad Debt Expense $60,000
Legal Fees $450,000
Legal Defense Fund --
Members Meetings $567,800
NANOG Webcast Support $50,000
Rent & Occupancy $868,693
Travel** $1,586,100
Internet Support $609,431
Funds committed to ICANN $244,431
Internet Research & Support $110,000
Research & Development --
NRO Expenses $255,000
Total 2017 Expenses $23,700,342
Total 2017 Revenues $19,404,190

*Employee benefits consists of comprehensive and holiday leave, health insurance, 401K plan expenses, payroll taxes, training and education, employee functions, dental, vision, life insurance, and hiring costs.

**Travel is performed by ARIN Board of Trustees, ARIN Advisory Council, ARIN ASO/AC, and ARIN staff.

Budget Explanation


ARIN's 2017 budget allows for up to 85 Full Time Employees (FTEs). Additional hires were added in 2015 to supplement engineering efforts to focus on customer suggested broadly beneficial improvements.


ARIN will continue increasing services, customer defined high-value enhancements in ARIN Online, updating infrastructure, and improving efficiency through automation in 2017.

General Office and Administration

In 2017, ARIN will fund travel and related expenses include funding for continued outreach efforts focused on promoting participation in ARIN's processes and community IPv6 adoption.

Internet Support

Consistent with ARIN's mission to facilitate advancement of the Internet and educational outreach, ARIN funds NRO activities, ICANN, IGF, CTU, the RFC editor, and other Internet support and research efforts.

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