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Process for Funding ARIN External Projects and Entities

1.0 Background

ARIN receives funding requests throughout the year for widely varying amounts and causes, and  ARIN's Board of Trustees is obliged to insure that funds provided to external projects or entities advances ARIN's mission and objectives.  In general, funding requests from for-profit entities will not be considered.

2.0 Process

Please direct funding requests to ARIN staff via, by 15 October for consideration in the following two-year budget.  Staff will request any additional information they deem necessary to determine the value of the proposal to ARIN and its community.

During the annual fall budgeting process, staff will present a slate of proposed funding requests to ARIN's Board Finance Committee (FinCom) for consideration, along with their analysis and recommendations.

The FinCom will review the requests and make a recommendation to the Board for its decision.

Requests will be entertained outside of this annual budgeting schedule only when ARIN's President believes that they serve an urgent need of ARIN and its members, in which case they will be considered by the FinCom and the Board.

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