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Trustee Requirements and Responsibilities

ARIN Board of Trustee Initial Requirements

Any incoming Board Member must:


ARIN Board Member responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Adhering to the ARIN Board Conflict of Interest Statement
  • Attending all in-person Board meetings (approximately 4 annually) held in various locations throughout the year
  • Participating in monthly Board teleconferences
  • Attending all ARIN Member and Public Policy Meetings
  • Overseeing ARIN's strategic direction
  • Managing ARIN's goals and objectives in a manner consistent with the scope and mission
  • Providing fiduciary oversight of ARIN's finances
  • Ratifying policy proposals in accordance with the ARIN Policy Development Process
  • Representing ARIN in public fora in a manner which adheres to corporate messaging standards
  • Regularly monitoring the following ARIN mailing lists:
    • ARIN Board
    • ARIN Advisory Council
    • ARIN Public Policy Mailing List
    • ARIN Members Mailing List (ARIN-Discuss)
    • ARIN Consultation Mailing List (ARIN-Consult)
  • Volunteering in standing and special committees that may be formed
  • Volunteering to travel on behalf of ARIN for conferences and events

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