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Requirements and Responsibilities

Initial Requirements

Any incoming Advisory Council Member must:  


ARIN AC Member responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Attending all Advisory Council Meetings
  • Advising the Board of Trustees on Internet resource policy and related matters
  • Developing clear, technically sound and useful number policy
  • Volunteering  to assist ARIN in outreach efforts
  • Volunteering to travel on behalf of ARIN for conferences and events
  • Representing ARIN in public fora in a manner which adheres to corporate  messaging standards
  • Subscribing to and regularly monitoring all public ARIN mailing lists, including ARIN-Discuss (members only)
  • Generating discussion on ARIN's Public Policy Mailing List
  • Volunteering to sit on the ARIN Board of Trustees' Nomination Committee and Fellowship Selection Committee
  • Volunteering to mentor selected meeting fellows during ARIN Public Policy and Members Meetings
  • Contributing to the AC Wiki

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