Research Projects

As part of its primary mission to “advance the Internet through informational outreach,” ARIN provides funding for short term, independent research projects that advance the particular needs and interests of the Internet community. In order to evaluate research proposals in a fair and equitable manner, ARIN offers the following guidelines for the evaluation of proposals for research funding.

ARIN research awardees will engage in a specific period of well-defined research. These projects should advance the particular needs and interests of the Number Resource community. Successful awardees will conduct their research under the general oversight of one or more ARIN Liaisons, which will include at least the ARIN Contracting Officer. Additional ARIN Liaisons may be members of ARIN’s staff, Board of Trustees, or Advisory Council. As determined prior to the award, some research projects may also be subject to supervision by ARIN’s General Counsel. Funds will be dispersed in scheduled allotments upon demonstrated progress of the research effort to all ARIN Liaisons including the ARIN Contract Officer.


This policy defines and sets forth terms and conditions relating to the award of ARIN research funds. It applies to any researcher paid directly or indirectly through ARIN. Research awardees are not employees of ARIN.


Research awards are temporary grants with fixed end-dates that support projects that will provide information regarding a specific and well-defined issue. A research award is not intended for projects with long-term or indefinite duration. Researchers may be approved to engage in additional activities, such as formal publication efforts or presentations to various constituencies on the outcome of the research.


ARIN Liaisons will monitor research progress. The Researcher will communicate with the Liaisons in accordance with an established schedule and provide regular and timely status reports. The ARIN Liaisons will be responsible for releasing funds to the Researcher consistent with the agreed upon funding schedule and dependent on approval of completed deliverables. The Liaisons will also work with the Researcher to clarify the responsibilities of the Researcher and the goals, objectives, and expectations of the research project.

Award Criteria

Research awards may be made to any individual or legal entity. An award offer is conditional, subject to: (1) presentation of satisfactory documented evidence of personal or corporate identification and authorization to receive U.S. corporate funding and (2) appropriate evidence of having the requisite tools and resources to carry out the research.

It is the responsibility of the Researcher to ensure that he or she is in compliance at all times with U.S. and, if appropriate, foreign taxing authorities. For the duration of their relationship with ARIN, Researchers are also responsible for ensuring compliance at all times with all applicable US and international laws.

Terms of Research

Research awards are temporary, have fixed end-dates, and are subject to the following rules.

Awards are typically made for no more than a one-year term. Awards may be renewed for additional periods with a fixed end-date. Renewal requires the submission and approval of another Research Request, which must be submitted by September 1 in advance of the funding year. Research project requests that extend beyond a one-year term may be warranted by special circumstances, and are subject to budget approval. The ARIN President and CEO may grant an extension when justified by extraordinary circumstances using available discretionary funds, or when it has been documented that unforeseen circumstances impact the successful completion of the research project. Research award renewals are within ARIN’s sole discretion. Renewal of an award is normally contingent upon factors including, but not limited to, satisfactory performance (including compliance with all applicable ARIN policies), work authorization, availability of funding, and the ongoing relevance of the research. If ARIN decides not to renew an award after the fixed end-date, no further notice will be provided to that effect.


Funding dispersal will be made in accordance with the agreed upon schedule. The final payment will only be made upon notice to and approval of the completed deliverable by the ARIN Liaisons.

Notice of Award

A Researcher shall be provided email notification of an award from the President and CEO of ARIN, which shall include the name of all Liaisons, begin and end-dates of the award, funding amount, funding cap, work eligibility requirements, and whether the award is renewable and the conditions for renewal. A copy of this document and a summary of award conditions, or corresponding website information, shall accompany the award notice. The Researcher is required to accept the award in writing by completing the ARIN Research Agreement form.


ARIN may cancel a Research Award when, in its reasoned judgment, the Researcher’s performance or conduct merits the action. ARIN may take other corrective action consistent with any issue brought to light. Each case is considered on an individual basis and is governed by the terms in the ARIN Research Agreement.


Confidentiality, copyright and intellectual property rights in the outcome of the funded research will be determined on a case-by-case basis. ARIN reserves the right to inform or withhold from its community the general nature of research awards and the identity of award recipients.

Proposal Submission Procedures

In order to properly evaluate your research request and to understand the framework within which the research is intended to be carried out, please answer the following and submit your proposal to

  1. Provide a concisely detailed research proposal, no more than 5-7 sentences.
  2. What benefit does this research provide in advancing the interests of the Internet community? In particular, describe the value to the ARIN community.
  3. What is the term and duration of this research? If this is a multi-year effort, explain the necessity for the duration.
  4. Describe the project deliverables, e.g., reports, tools, presentations, etc.
  5. Describe the manner in which you see the project being funded. Provide funding milestones, funding schedule and the frequency and manner of reporting progress.
  6. Will this research project receive funding from other sources? If so, please provide details. If constrained by confidentiality agreements, provide a description of the breakdown of the share of the funding being sought from ARIN and the general nature of the other funding sources.
  7. ARIN requires the appointment of Liaisons. (See these Guidelines for further details.) What are the requirements for the Technical Liaison for this research project? Do you have any recommendations for an eligible ARIN Liaison?
  8. What confidentiality, intellectual property designations and/or ownership rights will the outcome of the research have? Unless otherwise requested, all product deliverables will be the property of ARIN.
  9. What support, if any, is required from ARIN, e.g., with regards to data or staff to support the research?
  10. Provide a detailed project plan to include key milestones.