External Process Documentation

These links provide documentation of how ARIN handles a variety of external processes and procedures, such as external contracts and funding research projects.

External Contracting Process

The American Registry for Internet Numbers will periodically contract for professional services in a manner that is fair, consistent, and ensures the best value to ARIN. Best value does not necessarily equate with lowest price. ARIN will consistently balance price, technical requirements, and capability to ensure overall best value. Visit External Contracting Process for more information.

Research Projects

As part of its primary mission to “advance the Internet through informational outreach,” ARIN provides funding for short term, independent research projects that advance the particular needs and interests of the Internet community. Visit Research Projects for more information.

Process for Funding ARIN External Projects and Entities

ARIN can, at the discretion of its Board of Trustees, provide funding to external projects and entities if the funds will advance ARIN’s mission and objectives. Visit Process for Funding ARIN External Projects and Entities to learn more.