2014 Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

2014 Survey

ARIN’s goal is to provide the best Internet number registry experience possible. To help us better understand the needs of our customers, we conducted our first community-wide customer satisfaction survey in the first quarter of 2014 with the help of Rockbridge Associates, an independent contractor.

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We will use the information collected during the survey along with feedback from customers on our Registration Services transaction surveys and other community interaction during the registration process to identify areas in need of improvement.

We will also use the results of the customer satisfaction survey to establish a baseline for future surveys measuring our customer service improvement progress. The complete, unabridged report delivered to ARIN by our independent contractor may be found here.

In response to these survey results, ARIN is evaluating our service offerings and building a plan to make improvements in the areas with the greatest performance gaps identified by our customers. We will begin to implement improvements in the second half of 2014, and you will occasionally see announcements from us describing these forthcoming changes.

We thank all of those who participated in this survey, along with those who continue to provide feedback to us during registration interactions throughout the year.

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