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Cryptographic Authentication

ARIN’s goal is to make the web-based ARIN Online platform the best option for securing your transactions with ARIN. ARIN Online is under development and many of the interactions you conduct via email will be mirrored on the web in order to utilize the built-in security that the web provides. Currently under ARIN’s email based system, ARIN permits customers to use strong cryptographic digital signatures to secure email transactions and ensure the authenticity of communication between you and ARIN. PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is available for more secure authentication of your requests. Digital signing permits the sender to add a secure cryptographic signature. ARIN uses the signature to identify and confirm the sender's identity to prove the authenticity of the transaction. In addition, the digital signature is used to establish that the content of the email has not been altered in transit.

ARIN's original authentication method uses the source email address to verify that a request form has been sent from an authorized POC. However, Mail-From can be easily falsified, so ARIN encourages customers to use PGP for a more secure transaction. Mail-From is not recommended if you have the means to implement PGP.